Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ooooo- eel!

Well, this is all about trying new things, right? This was pretty new! Smoked eel! A few weeks ago, Atec had their summer party at the lake cottage of the owner's parents. The boss's dad is mostly retired and loves to fish on the lake. Even on the evening of the party, he went out to check his traps. Low and behold, he brought in a bunch of eels slithering in the bottom of his boat! This was the same lake I had just been out kayaking on, unaware of the abundance of freshwater eels below the surface! Yikes!

Eel is a delicacy in this area. On Friday, Herr Hans brought in a trunkload of smoked eel and sold them to Atec colleagues on their way out of work! These are the three that were lucky enough to come to our house! They were wrapped up in this white paper and my first question to Aaron was, "Do they still have their heads?" You can see the answer.

But here I am, seven thousand miles from home in a country whose language I don't speak, trying to be a house wife for the first time- and I'm going to let a skinny little smoked fish scare me? Oh no! So, get out the crackers and let's eat eel!


linda said...

Gram says: "I don't care if I ever try eel" "I don't ever want eel"....I say: "Pass the crackers" "But do not give me a portion with the head"

Cody said...

Hi guys! I am really enjoying your blog. Glad to see you are doing well, but know that you are missed in Kzoo!

lunch said...

just try eel on a slightly buttered broetchen (yeah,bread again) with slices of sweet pepper. yum