Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mom and Dad are here!

They arrived last Thursday and it was so great to see them! And so fun to have them here with us again in Germany! I feel like we have really grown and changed since their visit last September. We are much more comfortable here and have better language skills. The overall life stress is MUCH less. I think they have noticed the difference!

Since their arrival, we have done some short explorations. We went to Husum to see the four million crocuses blooming in the park. We toured the castle in Glucksburg. Tomorrow we will leave for Copenhagen and stay for five days. Already their visit is going too fast and I know they will be gone before I know it. So I am trying hard to stay right here in the moment and enjoy every minute! I am really grateful to have parents who are also friends-we're having a great time!

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cortina said...

say hello and have a great time!