Thursday, September 3, 2009

32 Days, 2 Suitcases

Oh, what to pack? We are off on another adventure tomorrow, combining a mini beach vacation, work, family visits and bridesmaid duty! So many occasions, so many shoes! We need swimsuits and flip-flops for the beach in San Juan, sport sandals for a rainforest adventure and summer clothes for the 90- degree weather in Puerto Rico.

Everyone has been complaining about the cool weather in the Midwest and September is a wild card anyway. So we need pants and shorts, tees and sweaters! Aaron will be working again in Cincinnati for three weeks while I help with a garage sale at my sister's house, visit friends and get ready for my dear friend's wedding!

I'll try to keep you posted with updates and photos!


Craig R said...

You're back just in time for college football! MSU vs Wisc on Sept 26...

ConchExPat said...

Will you be in Kalamazoo at all? I have a new house to show you. And a spare bedroom.