Wednesday, March 24, 2010

German Super-Babies!

My friend was telling me that she hopes to have her daughter out of diapers by the time she starts daycare in August. She's still got plenty of time to work on it of course but I'm still skeptical.

Why, you ask? Because her daughter will just turn one in June!!! I thought she was joking when she told me this but she showed me the tiny potty that actually fits Emma's little nine-month-old Po. And then I got to witness Emma actually using the potty. Sure enough, we sat her down, gave her a book to "read" and a few minutes later- ta da!

My friend does things a little differently so I still wasn't sure if this was a mainstream approach until we were talking to a neighbor whose nine-month-old son is also using the potty. What the heck?! Why aren't we onto this in the States? Are we the only ones that don't know about this? Are the Germans the only ones who do? I don't know anyone who misses the diaper days when they're gone. Maybe my million-dollar idea will be to import the tiny toilets to the States and hold "Potty Training by Age One" seminars. On second thought, I guess I should wait and see how things go for Emma over the next few months!


cortina said...

so that explains why the potty we had, which was made in germany, was TOO SMALL for my boys! in norway they are WAAAAAAAY behind. around 3 or later is normal! i still have 3 in diapers. SUX!

JaySeaAre said...

I wasn't potty trained until I went to college . . . which explains a lot about my lack of dating in high school.