Monday, July 26, 2010

Berlin Birthday

This year it felt like I had a two-week celebration while on holiday with Susan so the actual day didn't stand out too much from the rest of the fun.
But it was a hot sunny day in Berlin and I started by taking a run along the river and through the park. I got to spend time talking with Adrienne, my friend who hosted us for a couple nights. Then Susan and I spent the whole day walking around and exploring the city. We saw landmarks and monuments and went to a museum. We had to have cake of course, and this is me at Fassbender & Rausch, apparently Europe's biggest chocolate store. We lingered over dinner and talked until the long summer day gave way to twilight around 10:30. Finally, to round out the day we ate ice cream sundaes before jumping on the train to go home. Definitely a good day!

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cortina said...

i love the post aaron wrote about you. my life is crazy, esp emotionally. i'm going to counseling. ugh. just so much! but i'm happy to hear you are doing the berlin marathon! awesome! i thought about doing chicago but registration was filled in 6 weeks! i'll do it next year! running about 5 miles a few days a week and have been up to 12 miles with katie and joy. good times. LOVE to you! xxoo