Wednesday, August 11, 2010

30 Long Kilometers

As part of our marathon training, we decided to run a 30k (that's nearly 19 miles) race. There aren't many of that distance but we found one in Salisbury, England. It was the local firefighters' charity event. So off we went last week for our first visit to the UK.
I didn't know that southwest England was so very hilly! This event was a trail run so it was literally through fields, forests and pastures- the cows were surprisingly calm as they watched me run through the herd, dogding pies and hoping they didn't stampede.
It was beautifully scenic with all those rolling hills through the countryside. One minute I saw a quaint thatched cottage at the edge of the woods that looked straight out of a Grimm Brothers storybook. Ten minutes later I was running past a bonafide castle, looking for a troupe of Jane Austen characters to step out of the garden.
This photo is after the race, which did eventually come to an end. We're standing in front of Salisbury Cathedral, which is really quite breathtaking behind the scaffolding. (When you ask a stranger to take a picture, you never know what you're going to get!) Anyway, the cathedral is 900 years old so I guess it's entitled to a face lift. Shortly after this, we were happily situated in a 18th century tavern replenishing fluids and calories with a celebratory ale and traditional English pub food. Aaah- life is good!


MOM said...

Congratulations on your run! I tried to order photos of your finish but...alas...."seemeinaction" only is in Europe. I might try the digital ordering...
You both look great for having run so many miles. I hope you enjoyed the English fare to recoup.
Love you both..MOM

cortina said...

wow, 30k. you are ready for the marathon! i am so proud of you! and how fun to do it with your hubby! oh, what beautiful memories you are making. next time you are here we are doing a long run through barrington hills. i can't wait to catch up with you again someday!