Saturday, November 6, 2010


Today Aaron and I are leaving for a two-week holiday. Though it seems we are always on the go, this is the first time that Aaron has ever taken two consecutive weeks off strictly for the fun of it. He's quite excited and I am delighted to have him to myself. We'll be taking a road trip through Italy so I will have lots to report when I return.

In total defiance of this 21st century world, we are not taking our laptop and we do not even own cell phones so we will be totally disconnected from the greater world. It's an uneasy feeling in this day and age but I think that it is important to slow down. It was not long ago that we never expected everyone and everything to be accessible 24 hours a day. Our vacation will be a good exercise in "being present in the moment," something I need to learn again and again. We'll see what la dolce vita is really like!

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Jessica said...

Hope you're having (or had, by the time you read this) a great time away from "civilization". I myself am headed to Alaska next week....partly for work, but with an extended vacation to go explore one of the most beautiful, remote places the USA has to offer. Can't wait to hear your stories and I hope the unwind was well worth it.