Friday, September 12, 2008

Sailing, sailing, over the bounding main...

Last night we had another fun "first!" We got to go sailing in the Flensburg Fjord on the Baltic Sea! One of Aaron's colleagues (in picture) just got a sailboat this summer and has been going out whenever the weather is good. As you can see, we had sunshine and lots of wind so it was a great day for it! The wind was so strong that the boat really got leaning. The waves were big- up to 6 feet- and we got splashed by the waves several times!

The Flensburg Fjord separates Germany from Denmark so we were able to see the coastlines of two countries as we sailed. It was interesting to watch 21st century kiteboarders skimming across the water against a backdrop of 18th century wooden windmills!

Afterwards, we ate fisch broetchen (sandwiches on fresh mini-baguettes) at the marina restaurant. This is a regional specialty and you can get them with Matjes (salted) herring, Bismarck (pickled) herring, tiny shrimp from the North Sea, or fried fish. Of course, our friends insisted that we try all types! Not bad- better than smoked eel!

It was a boost to our spirits to be out in the wind and water! We came to Germany because we wanted to experience a different way of living and try new things. But some days at home feel mundane and other days we are overwhelmed with the magnitude of this life change, frustrated by the effort required to accomplish the most basic tasks in a different culture and language. So these days when our experiences transcend all of that are truly a breath of fresh air to revive us, and we feel blessed!

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