Monday, September 29, 2008

We're home again!

We returned late Sunday evening from our whirlwind trip down the length of Germany! There were so many wonderful sights and experiences I think I could write for weeks!
In the first picture, Aaron and I are walking along the street in Cochem, in the heart of the Mosel River valley- wine country. This was a touristy village, but still very quaint- set into a steep hillside beneath a castle and overlooking the river. We stayed for two nights, did some fun shopping, wine and mustard tasting, and ate some delicious meals. We also toured two castles- the second picture shows Mom and Dad just outside the courtyard at Burg Eltz. This castle was breathtaking and has such an amazing history! It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. (More details to come)
After Cochem, we drove to Baden-Baden and took in the world-famous bath/spa there. It is famous with good reason- we spent three hours there and all came out feeling pampered and relaxed! Delightful! On Saturday we met up with Jurgen, a friend Mom and Dad met when he stayed at their home through an international Rotary exchange program. He and his girlfriend Steffi gave us a walking tour of the city and then took us into the Black Forest. We finished our day at a harvest restaurant that is only open in September and October and serves fresh harvest meals to the locals. It was very interesting!
Sunday was a really long drive home and today is a rest day (except for Aaron who is back at work) because we will be up at 3:30 to get Mom and Dad back to the airport for their morning flight tomorrow! It seems that the time has gone too quickly but we have packed a lot into the visit. I'll continue to hit the highlights of the trip this week now that I'll be back to my slower daily routine!

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