Monday, December 15, 2008

Flensburg Weihnachtsmarkt- that's more like it!

Our friend Jan is back from almost five weeks in the U.S. and on Saturday we celebrated his return by attending the Christmas market in Flensburg. Downtown was packed and the pedestrian mall was dotted with stands selling punsch and food, mostly meat! In the square there were Christmas trees for sale, along with stands with sweets, crafts and more punsch! There were twinkle lights everywhere, a pretend Alpine ski hut and this giant Christmas pyramid. We saw people wearing Santa hats, reindeer antlers and even red bunny ears with white fur trim (something new)! This is the Christmas market we'd been looking for!


Cody said...

A few thoughts:

1.) I'm excited to see you guys Thursday!

2.) The giant Flava-Flav cookie Jackie is wearing rocks.

3.) It is only a matter of time before a giant cousin Eddie arrives at that festival to knock the vanes off that Christmas pyramid.

MOM said...

Love the jewelry...looks good enough to eat..and share! Can hardly wait to see your smiles in person!