Thursday, December 11, 2008

Running in a tunnel for 6.8 miles

That's what it felt like when we joined the Atec running club for a jog at 6:00 pm yesterday. The temperature was hovering just around freezing and it had rained nonstop the previous day so there was this tremendously thick fog. And it was, of course, completely dark by that time of day. We all had headlamps but they seemed effective only in reflecting their own light off the fog instead of illuminating the road. And of course I had no idea where we were headed. A cold, dark, foggy run in a foreign country with a bunch of strangers- what could be better?

It was great! I ran with two of Aaron's female colleagues and we passed through several villages and by farm houses where we could see Christmas lights twinkling on the trees or in windows. We even passed by a bus stop shelter that was all decorated with garland. Inside, three old men were sitting together talking and drinking spiced wine! If only I'd had a way to capture that image... I got to practice some German and spend some time with some potential friends. And I completed one of the longest runs I've ever done!

We are looking forward to joining the running club on a regular basis starting in January. It will be a great way to exercise and socialize, and we will be training for the Coast-to-Coast race in June. Atec will have two teams in a relay race from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea. We can't wait!

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