Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Home for the Holidays!

We spent two action-packed and wonderful weeks back in the Midwest visiting friends and family! There was a wide array of winter weather conditions for our trip, but miraculously we had no significant problems traveling by air or road the whole time.

In Kalamazoo we reconnected with many pals from our former workplaces and spent time with our dear group of friends who we still miss having dinner with every Sunday night. The few days went way too fast of course but we loved being there.

Notable weather event: SNOW!

Next stop was a visit with Aaron's family. We celebrated Christmas and exchanged gifts with his parents, sister and brother-in-law, three nieces and nephews, uncle and 87-year-old grandma! A special time with lots of laughter and too much food! We got our fix of Chicago-style deep dish pizza and great Mexican food in addition to all the homemade specialties from my in-laws who are both great cooks! We played games with the kids, went ice skating and even spent four hours in a poker tournament with Aaron's grandma and uncle!

I even squeezed in a visit with my best friend from middle school and high school days. It was great to see her and spend a little time getting acquainted with her boyfriend, since he proposed to her just a few days later and they will be married this year!

Notable weather event: BRRRR! Subzero temperatures!

On Christmas morning, we drove to my parents' house. My sister and nephews arrived a few hours later and our final celebration started! We attempted a taffy pull but ended up with hard candy that slowly squished into one big hard blob. Maybe next year! One nephew is learning to play the electric guitar so the opening bars of "Smoke on the Water" were the accompanying theme to the holidays. The other nephew is a video game nut so he and Uncle Aaron spent many hours playing. There was lots more delicious food, more game playing, more fun!

Notable weather event: Thunderstorm and flooding!

Now Aaron is back to work and we are in recovery mode. We came home pooped from all the celebrating and the jet lag seems to be hitting us worse coming this way. But we would not trade one second of our time with you! Thanks to all who made our visit so memorable and fun! We are truly blessed to have so many loving friends and family members!

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MOM said...

We had such fun with you over the holidays! Gram just called to say that she and Joe really enjoyed the "little chickens" (cornish hens) that we gave them...they ate them tonight. She also went on to tell me all about your poker game! She loved spending time with you. It is STILL snowing in the US mid-west. UGH!!!