Friday, February 27, 2009

Back to Berlin

We had such a good time when we visited Adrienne and Ilarion in November that we were anxious to go back. It is nice to spend time with some other Americans who are experiencing some of the same challenges, and of course there is so much to see in the city.

Our goal this time was to take in a few of the many, many museums. On Saturday afternoon, we went to the Altes Museum where we saw a big display of Egyptian artifacts. The showpiece is Queen Nefertiti's bust statue- quite breathtaking! I am always astounded to see how advanced some civilizations were five thousand years ago! The artwork and culture, technology and science-wow!

Saturday evening we had a different "cultural experience" in attending a birthday party for one of Ilarion's colleagues. He works at an international research center so there were people from Australia, Indonesia and Great Britain. We even got to try the famous Australian Vegemite- blech! I guess you have to be raised on it to enjoy it. It tasted like salty tar to me!

On Sunday we went to the German Technical Museum. None of us had an idea what we were in for. We arrived between 12:00 and 1:00 and got kicked out five hours later at closing time without seeing everything. There were planes, trains, ships, TVs, radios, old computers that filled an entire room... There was even a historical brewery that we didn't quite get to see (but at least we got this photo of us standing in front of the beer bottles).

So we hit two museums and a couple new restaurants. I wonder how many visits we'll have to make to Berlin to see everything we want to see. I wonder how many times we can visit before our friends get sick of us! :)

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