Friday, June 12, 2009

Eight years and counting!

Aaron and I celebrated our anniversary this year by actually being in the same country, something we couldn't manage last year. We spent time over breakfast looking at the photo album of our wedding and honeymoon. At lunchtime, we received a care package in the mail- the great timing for which we have to thank the USPS, Deutsche Post and my mom! To top off the day we had a spectacular dinner out, including a dessert called "Strawberry Dream!" Delightful!

I think celebrations are good to remind us of what is important and to prevent us from becoming complacent about all the blessings we have. I, for one, need these perspective refreshers. Over this last year, Aaron and I have been tested in ways we never imagined. Each of us has struggled and grown, and that's not always pretty. Our relationship has also had to struggle and grow as we both adapt and change in this new life. We are right in the midst of this process so it's good to remember that we're in it together through thick and thin!

Eight years ago we could never have dreamed that we would be living in northern Germany. I dare not guess where life might take us in another eight years! What an adventure!

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Jon said...

Happy Anniversary Merleys!