Monday, June 15, 2009

Emma is here!

Well, our circle of friends in Germany expanded by one last Wednesday when Maren and Jan's daughter was born. She arrived 10 days early but weighed in just over eight pounds. Everyone is healthy and happy!

Maren told us she was pregnant at 6 weeks so we've all been waiting a long time. She had wanted desperately to know via ultrasound whether this baby was a boy or girl but Emma proved stubborn on two occasions so it was an extra surprise!

She is pretty darn cute- cheeky with a full head of dark hair. And you can see that she likes the blanket I knitted for her- I don't think she can sleep without it!

I have been around a lot of newborns but each time I am amazed anew at the miracle of such tiny human perfection. It feels like a privilege and honor to be part of such a special time in the lives of our friends. We will love to watch Emma thrive and grow for the next few years while we are here. And maybe one day she will stay with us as an exchange student in the U.S.! You just never know!

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MOM said...

I am thrilled to see little Emma. Please extend our congratulations to Jan and Maren. Beautiful baby girl...proud parents...good friends.