Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My deep dark secret

Deep dark chocolate secret, that is. The first part of the confession is that over the weekend we bought a kilo (that's 2.2 pounds) of handmade truffles. That's quite a bit of chocolate, even by my standards. But you can't get them around here and we really savor each one- spending time contemplating our choice, never knowing what delight hides inside. They should last a long time. It was a completely justifiable purchase. Seriously.
But Aaron is leaving for a ten-day business trip soon and I'll be left here at home alone- with the chocolates. Part two of the confession is that I am pretty sure that I won't be able to resist eating them while he is away. Belgian chocolate makes me happy and I will be by myself all day every day in the midst of this rotten winter. I'll need it.
The problem is that we get a little childish over these. As as kid, I remember having a friend over and pouring us each some Kool-Aid. I'd get down at eye level with the glasses to make sure they were exactly even. It's like that. Normally we are very generous with each other but not when it comes to truffles. If Aaron eats two, I get two. It has to be fair and equal. In retrospect I'm not sure why we didn't each get our own box but it's too late for that. Yesterday I mentioned to Aaron, "I'm a little worried..." And that's all I got out before he broke in and replied, "I'm taking mine with me!" I guess that settles that!


Jessica said...

love this blog entry! it's great that you can find such joy in something like chocolate. and it made me laugh at your antics regarding the box's purchase, status, and future inevitable division with its owners about to be separated! hope you both get some of your favourite flavours from it!

Jessica said...

By the way, I was guilty of the Kool-Aid eye-level check-up too. I say it's just proof of our underlying nitpicking scientificly-minded souls! That's what I tell myself in the bathroom mirror every morning, anyhow.