Thursday, January 7, 2010

Photos from New Year's Eve

This is how we looked two hours into the new year.
Welcome 2010!

The metal figures with the melting spoon.
Still a bit concerned about the meaning of my
resulting metal lump.

Okay, you can't really tell that this is
fireworks against clear sky and full moon
but it was really cool.
I fell victim to a nasty flu this week (I always blame it on the foul air on planes- ick!) so I'm taking the easy way and just posting some pictures instead of a real blog. My week has consisted of sleeping my way through the original Star Wars trilogy- not much to say about that.

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MOM said...

I sure would like to have a set of the figurines to melt down next New Years Eve....I am quite certain that mine would melt into some spectacular prediction!! I keep track of this kind of keep this in mind when you visit over the next Holiday season. I love this tradition....