Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We were driving back from Baden-Baden to Soerup, feeling tired and little let down after several days of fun and exploration. Mom was snoozing, Aaron was seeing how fast the car could coast down hills on the Autobahn, and I was thumbing through the guidebook. I knew we needed a break from the care so I rather randomly chose Goettingen, a small university city that, according to the book, has a Ratskellar with some of the best food in Germany! Sounded good!

We drove into town as I read to everyone some of the highlights of Goettingen, including the statue of the Goose Girl in the square who receives kisses from happy students who have passed their final exams. Close to the city center, things were abustle and we saw signs for the Goose Girl Festival- that very day! We just happened upon a five-hour festival in the heart of Germany on a beautiful Sunday afternoon- how can this be?

We sat outside in the square and ate lunch, listened to some music, soaked up the sun and wandered through the crowds. This was another of those golden moments... maybe they aren't so rare if you are looking for them!


Nate said...

2 questions:

1) What was your top speed? (in mph for us yanks please)

2) Did you kiss the goose? I think all that Rosetta Stone studying should have qualified you!

cortina said...

that's what traveling is all about! i'm so glad you're having these wonderful experiences!

i love baden-baden by the way! i remember hitchhiking through there and staying with some strangers who let us sleep all day and left us alone in there home. we ate good bread with cheese and jam on top and "milky" (?) chocolate. SVARTSVALD! (black forest?)

Merley95 said...

2 Answers:

1)I think our car has a governor at 200 kph (125 mph), but I managed to hit 210 kph (131 mph) on a big downhill coming out of the Black Forest.

2)I REALLY wanted to kiss the goose girl. That was all I talked about through lunch. However, it would have required some climbing and rumor had it that there was unidentifiable froth in the fountain that surrounded her.