Tuesday, August 12, 2008

American Week!

Well, the fun continues at our neighborhood grocery store! Our helpful next-door neighbor alerted us to the Big American-Week at the LIDL Market! With great interest/amusement we browsed through the sale flyer in the Sunday newspaper. It essentially read as a "best of the worst" of American foods. When we actually went to the store this afternoon, it was even less than we had hoped! There was no peanut butter- one of the few items we would have actually liked to get, nor could we find cranberry juice or popcorn. But, the freezer section was packed with chicken nuggets, onion rings and- rib burgers? Huh?
There were American Style Pizzas- Barbeque Chicken or Western (with ham and corn- really, who puts corn kernels on pizza?). Hot dogs I can accept as being typcial of the USA, but in a jar? Yikes! We ended up coming home with a package of Chocolate Cookies (as seen in photo) and they are quite good. I'd say they are a fair representation of good store-bought American cookies. And potato chips are much the same, so that's okay. As for the rest, we're sticking with German food this week and hoping that Big Asian-Week at the LIDL brings a more palatable selection for next week's shopping!


JaySeaAre Kzoo said...

Speaking of peanut butter. I had some with vanilla ice cream as a bedtime snack last night and didn't even take into consideration that not everyone has easy access to one of my daily food items.

Susan said...

the infamous corn on pizza. Seriously, Americans get blamed for some horrible things that happen to pizza- like green peas on pizza in Brasil. Ack!
Any Vienna sausages? :-)