Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our New Car

When we lived in Kalamazoo we drove a Volkswagen Jetta - a German made automobile. In Germany, we drive a Ford Focus. I know, hee hee, laugh it up. I’ll have you know, our Ford Focus was made in Düsseldorf, Germany. Here are a few more interesting facts about our new automobile:

  • "6.3 L/100” or 6.3 liters of diesel fuel per 100 kilometers or 38 miles per gallon.
  • It will comfortably fit 2 expatriates, 3 visitors and lots of luggage.
  • It can haul 1 dining table, 2 chairs, 2 shelving units, 1 shower rod, 4 bathroom light fixtures, 1 kitchen light fixture, 4 closet organizers, 2 sets of curtains and 4 passengers home from IKEA. (See photo).
  • It has a “navi” (GPS navigation system) for all of Europe. The navi lady speaks both German and English fluently.
  • It is equipped with fog lamps and heated seats, but not cruise control.
  • It has manual transmission, as most cars in Germany have. This is still quite notable to Jackie…
  • It has front wheel drive and special tires for the winter.
  • The driver and passenger have power windows, but people in back have to crank the old fashioned way.
  • It has a plug for your MP3 player.
  • The stereo controls are on the steering wheel.
  • It has a turbo engine, plenty fast on the autobahn where there is no speed limit.

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linda said...

Nice car! I know it will serve you well. Funny that you had to give up your German car...and went to Germany! I LOVE my "new" car!! hahaha!