Wednesday, August 27, 2008

See how their gardens grow!

When I arrived, I was amazed by the beautiful flower gardens at nearly every home in town. Roses were blooming in profusion, there were beds overflowing with annuals, clematis vines like blankets of blossoms! I was inspired and thought, “Maybe now my thumb will turn green and I too will be a successful German gardener!”

I am less enchanted now because I think I know the secret to their success- rain. Almost every day- sometimes all day, sometimes several brief showers. And cool temperatures. I may be biased but it seems that the average daily temp has been 65 degrees. Do keep in mind that I have been here through July and August- summer months! Hot, dry months, right?

At first people were saying that this weather was normal, but now even the natives are restless. The summer has been cooler and wetter than normal. It’s creating a problem for the farmers who can’t harvest their oats and wheat. It is no fun for all the tourists who come to north Germany’s coastlines for summer holidays on the beach. And it’s not easy for me, trying to dry my clothes on the line, looking at the sky twenty times a day trying to outmaneuver the rain clouds!

So, for better or worse, rain and cool summer weather seem to be the keys to lovely and colorful gardens. When it stops raining I’ll have to head out and take more pictures for you!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I haven’t planted a single flower!

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linda said...

Oh...the gardens are beautiful. I believe your thumbs will become green in the next couple of years. You are responsible for tending the yard..right??? Wish I could send you some special seeds. My friend gave me hybred Columbine...Dwarf mix and Cameo mix...Aquilegia flabellate 'nana alba". I wish..