Sunday, August 17, 2008

Denmark for a day

We needed a day out! Aaron had a few rough days of work, I had a lonely few days at home so we overcame our trepidation and ventured to another new country!
We live so far north in Germany that we are just a few minutes from Denmark. Someone had recommended that we check out Sonderburg (imagine a diagonal line through the o and it will be Danish). It is a small resort town, along the Flensburg fjord and Baltic Sea. It was a perfect summer day- warm, breezy and sunny! In the photos you can see the boardwalk along the water where there were dozens and dozens of sailboats enjoying the weather. The second photo is the pedestrian shopping street. We had lunch outside a little pub/cafe here. We were amazed by, and envious of, our waiter who went from table to table speaking English, German and Danish as needed. Oh, to be multilingual!
Denmark is also part of the European Union but has not adopted the Euro as their currency. So, we paid for lunch with Euro, but received Danish Kroner in return. We couldn't tell if it was the correct amount of change (and it probably wasn't!) but it was fun to see the coins. Next time we will know to pay by credit card!
After lunch we took a long walk along the water. There is a great bike path that goes for miles, past a huge marina, a great beach and into a forest- all with views of the sea! Ah- this is the reason we came! Such a privilege and joy to see new things!

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