Friday, November 7, 2008

Having a Smurfy good time!

They're back! Or maybe they never went out of vogue in Germany. Whatever the case, The Smurfs, or Die Schluempfe, turned fifty years old in 2008 and Germany is celebrating by featuring them in the Kinder Surprise eggs.

Kinder Eggs are the most popular candy among children here, with very good reason. A foil-wrapped chocolate egg shell that contains a toy surprise inside. Often a very good toy! I cannot imagine why these are not available in the U.S.

Naturally, Aaron and I are hooked. What do you mean we're too old for toys? Now that there is a possibility of getting a Smurf I absolutely can't resist the thrill of the hunt. (Okay, well, there's also the thrill of delicious milk chocolate melting on my tongue...) The odds of getting a Smurf were 1 in 7 and we had no luck. So, when we found these 6-packs at the store last night with 2 Smurfs guaranteed we were so excited! So far we've found one Smurf out of the four eggs we opened! The anticipation is killing me. It feels just like Christmas, and like my Smurf-themed seventh birthday party!


Axelbrode said...

Hello. No you do not know me. I stumbled upon your blog one day and read it. I found your post very intresting and enjoyed your style of writing. Checking in from time to time. Sounds like a great adventure.

Craig R said...

Papa Smurf used to like dancing to the "smurf" back in the 80s. I hear one of your co-workers is coming to Kazoo for a visit. Can Andreas bring our buddy back for a visit too? ok, love reading your blog. take care!

600 Chelsea said...

AAAWWWW....I want to hunt for a smurf too!!! and no this is not Skyler or Will or even Nova! It is me Britney and I....well... hunting for things!!! Ok you got me I just love smurfs. Saturday morning and smurfs what could be better? Maybe The Littles?? um A, I have your smurf pillow case!! Do you want me to sent it out to you???

cortina said...

YES! Kinder Eggs! The Norwegians love them too. And, YES, they are available in the US too! Only at the immigrant food stores though. Every time I saw a kinder egg in the US I had to buy it. Hmmm, I'll have to see if the ones up here have Smurfs in them too. Oh, life's little gifts!