Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh, Tannenbaum!

Our Christmas tree, still bundled up from
its big journey from Michigan

Not lookin' too good! I guess four weeks
in a container rockin' on the ocean wasn't so fun!
Fluffed and trimmed- as good as new!

So, we not only started our Advent calendar on Sunday (which is tasting very good, by the way) we also decorated our house! We really laughed as we took the "coat" off our tree to see how smashed and flattened it was. Branches were falling off and it was quite pathetic! But a little wood glue and some bending of branches got it back in shape. So, we are starting to get into the holiday spirit.

Hope you are too!

1 comment:

cortina said...

am i crazy or did i see an "ampelmann" ornament towards the top?