Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Berlin

Standing in Pariser Platz square looking at the Brandenburg Gate
(Aaron is pretending that he's on this tour because he likes to look of their bicycles!)
The Berlin Wall ran just behind this structure and was the first place where East Berlin was sealed off from the West. This is also where the Wall first started to come down on Nov. 9, 1989, nineteen years ago this week!
In Gendarmenmarkt square (former East Berlin): a monument to poet/playwright Friedrich Schiller, with the German Cathedral to the left
and the Berlin Concert Hall to the right
There is so much history in every building and structure. First built by the Prussians, expanded and beautified later, damaged in WWII bombings, rebuilt after the Wall came down... I felt like I should be reading a history of Germany as I looked around the city. You just can't appreciate everything by looking at it.
Trying to be good Germans: Drop everything for afternoon coffee and cake!
The cake at this cafe was good but the crepes we had for dinner were the highlight of our day of eating. Entree crepes filled with ham, cheese, mushrooms- yum! And dessert crepes with Nutella and citrus flavors- heavenly!


linda said...

It seems that your cake is a beautiful big chunk of chocolate!!!! Send me some! Your weekend was a great experience! Glad you have some comrads!!

cortina said...

mmm. europeans really know how to do their cakes and desserts. mmmm. nutella. mmm.