Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkeys survive first Transatlantic flight!

Wow! I’m nearly speechless. And not just because my mouth is full of cookies!

In my family, Aunt Bev’s turkey cookies have transcended tradition to become legendary. Baked only at Thanksgiving, they are the perfect combination of crisp and chewy, spiced and sweet, and they have a pretty translucent icing. And like anything you can only get once a year, they are a hot commodity. When Aunt Bev knows that the Rileys are gathering for Thanksgiving, she sends the cookies to one house to be shared and enjoyed by all. More than once, we’ve asked her for a cookie "head count" so they can be rationed accordingly.

And now, wonder of wonders, I have turkey cookies here in Germany! They flew overnight from my aunt’s house to my mom’s house, in time to make a bigger shipment of treats she was sending. Aaron and I opened the package at lunchtime today and marveled over our good fortune and kind family members. Now do we keep with tradition and save some until Thursday? Something tells me they won't make it that long!

Thanks, Aunt Bev!

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cortina said...

aw, that is so sweet. you must feel so loved. and those cookies sound delicious!!!! my kiddos have been sick all week so no time for a thanksgiving meal. but i'm still might try to pull it off on the bean casserole, sweet potatoes, about you guys?