Monday, November 10, 2008

New Friends, New City

Actually, Adrienne and I go way back- back to diapers! But we haven't stayed in touch over the last two decades even though our moms remain good friends. Since she and her husband Ilarion moved to Berlin two months ago, it was a perfect time to reconnect.

We headed to the city Friday afternoon and made it by dinner time. On Saturday we explored a lot of Berlin on foot. There is a huge park in the center and they live just at the edge of it. It was lovely to see such open space in the midst of a metropolis. We came out the other side near the Reichstag- Parliament building, where we got to witness a protest march regarding unemployment benefits. Then we walked through Brandenburg Gate, which stands at the former East-West border. It was packed with tourists but still felt symbolic and important. In most places we could not tell whether we were in former East Berlin or West Berlin. There are some remnants of the Wall, and in ths photo Adrienne, Ilarion and I are standing in front of a section.

The four of us talked and talked about our experiences of living in this country and it was great to share it with others who are going through the same things. Between the four of us, our German got us around without any problems until we encountered a waitress who didn't speak it! She was French, and thankfully could speak some English. You just never know! It was refreshing for Aaron and I to be in a city, where foreigners are not so uncommon and you hear people speaking many different languages on the streets. Here in Soerup we sometimes feel a bit isolated being the only Americans in town.

We had a great time and realize how much there is to see in Berlin! I'm sure we'll be back to take in some of the many museums and cultural offerings, and visit our friends again!

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