Monday, November 17, 2008

Miscellaneous musings about the weekend

Soerup's Christmas tree (and me)
Friday night we were invited to dinner by Aaron's boss. The kind of thing you don't say "no" to but don't exactly look forward to, multiplied by language issues and a wife who seems cool and aloof (the boss's wife, not me of course)! We went to their family's favorite Italian restaurant in a nearby, slightly larger town. A nice young waitress came up to our table, overheard English being spoken and immediately switched to English-only service. She sounded just like a teenager in the United States. When we told her that we moved here from Michigan, she lit up, "I've been there!" What do you know? It is just a small world. We had great pasta and a nice evening. Boss's wife turned out to be quite nice, apparently has been nervous to speak English in the past but spoke fluently and we were able to understand when they spoke German to us. All was well...
Saturday we went out for a jog and came back to town to find this enormous tree on Main Street! I wonder how they will decorate it. Do they have Girl Scouts in Germany? Isn't that who usually takes care of such projects? Anyway, seeing the Christmas tree and eating homemade tacos were the highlights of the day, a very good day!
Sunday morning the sun was shining so we went for a walk on the beach. There were tons of people out- I guess we are all tired of the rain! And we found sea glass. We weren't even looking and I noticed a piece in the sand. I was never able to find any on Lake Michigan! After that, I was sort of obsessed with looking down as I walked. Not exactly the way to take in the scenery but it felt like a treasure hunt.
Our weekend was not exactly a big adventure like seeing Berlin last weekend but sometimes normal life feels good too.

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JaySeaAre said...

Molly and I spent some time this summer beach glass / sea glass searching especially at Van Buren S. P. We have several bottles on our living room window sill that now looks out over 2 inches of snow.