Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Way to go, America!

Of course, we're all feeling some emotion about who won the election. But what makes me really proud of our country is the stories I'm reading about us- the people of America! There was a record number of voters, and so many first-timers. How wonderful that more people are finally engaging in what is a citizen's obligation and privilege. I hope everyone will keep right on caring and speaking up.

The voting lines were so long in some places. And I heard stories of people being friendly- sharing umbrellas in the rain, making coffee runs, directing strangers to free parking spots! I love it! It really makes me wish I had been there.

Like him or not, Barack Obama has inspired a lot of people to believe again in the future of this country. A lot of responsibility now rests on his shoulders. But I think that the real possibilities for the United States rest with each one of us. If we can all just share our umbrellas, think what might happen!

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